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The Plosive project will use many user infrastructures to collaborate with other good blockchain projects to provide them with a user infrastructure with an understanding of the blockchain, and We will get good service for other great blockchain projects. (Discount benefits, products, etc.) We have already received $3.5 million investment from private investors.

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About Plosive

When cryptocurrency (crypto) mining was in its infancy, miners were only a few thousand nodes, and it has been managed by so-called transparent rules, where the rewards for mining (coins) are distributed by relatively transparent rules. In addition, the amount of power required for mining was microscopic, so it was not harmful to the climate.

However, someday everything changed. The exponential growth of crypto mining has led to a sharp increase in the amount of electricity, and intensive mining has been carried out mainly in developing countries.

More seriously, mining is concentrated by two or three large miners. Due to the operating limitation of Main Net, the value of the blockchain that guarantees the integrity of transactions is distorted, and the unique protocol of the blockchain also faces risks.

Plosive mission is to simplify the mining process, giving equality to all nodes. As an all-in-one solution, Plosive is positioned in the public's interest in crypto mining

As a differentiating factor of Plosive solution, you can mine with only one smartphone and implement the blockchain structure and algorithm equivalent to the general PC mining base without special technology in installing and using mining solution.

Plosive naturally focused on the daily use of smartphones by citizens (people), and it is a project that allows them to mine naturally without any inconvenience in using smartphones every day. This project is a scalable mining model that drives the power of ubiquitous smart devices all over the world. In addition, compared to the current Crypto Mining Model, it is an eco-friendly low power model.


AKRCOIN Development Method
Pre ICO AKR Coin start with 50,000,00 AKR
ICO AKR Coin Started Until All AKR Sold Out
AKR Coin Volantity Lending Program



  • TokenPlosive
  • PriceNot Mentioned
  • BonusYes
  • BountyAvailable  
  • PlatformEthereum, erc20,Ethereum and utility
  • CountryUnited States
  • KYC/whitelist KYC, Whitelist


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