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WhiteStripe is cryptolottery, where the prize fund is formed with the help of mining. This is a great way to test your luck, both for experienced miners and for regular PC users. This is the only lottery in which, despite the impressive prizes, you do not have to buy a ticket, perform tasks or pass verification. A lottery where the identification and awarding of the winner is fully automated and excludes any human intervention. We change the concept of online gambling through honesty, transparency and independence.

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About WhiteStripeLottery

About White Stripe Lottery
Millions of people earn on mining today. However, despite enormous progress of the crypto industry and public recognition of cryptocurrencies, a lot of people have not yet heard about mining or are to scared to do it. Thus, a huge part of potential miners do not even know about the capabilities of their computer. Among other things, beginners are stopped by the difficulty in setting up, choosing coins and low financial efficiency. We clearly see this problem and have found a solution.

We bring you the first mining crypto lottery with equal opportunities for both large and experienced miners and people with an ordinary home computer. For the latter, WhiteStripe will become a guide in the world of crypto mining and will allow them to get acquainted with mining, without buying special equipment, in an interesting and convenient way.

Thinking about the start of the project, we carefully studied the market. Frankly speaking, we managed to find a couple of vaguely similar startups, however, judging by their condition, they have not left the stage of primary development. We will not talk about the annual growth of the gambling market and development of the industry as a whole once again. More importantly, we are confident that in the foreseeable future, all online casinos and lotteries will use blockchain and smart contracts as a guarantor of honesty, transparency and independence.

WhiteStripe team invites you to participate in the implementation and development of this project.


AKRCOIN Development Method
Pre ICO AKR Coin start with 50,000,00 AKR
ICO AKR Coin Started Until All AKR Sold Out
AKR Coin Volantity Lending Program



  • TokenWhiteStripeLottery
  • Price1 WSLT = 0.6 USD
  • BonusYes
  • BountyAvailable  
  • PlatformUtility and ethereum
  • Accept currencyEth
  • Total Supply
  • Soft cap3,000,000.00
  • Hard cap3,000,000.00
  • Minimum Investment1 WSLT
  • CountryRussia
  • Restricted areasNone
  • KYC/whitelist KYC, Whitelist


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